Short manual instruction below show how to make configuration to send data to ActiveWeather.

1. Download system tamplate image from ActiveWeather.org

2. Write system image on 4GB SD card (Win32DiskImager) and run Raspberry.

3. Run Putty and write Raspberry IP adres in Host Name.

4. Log on to Raspberry; your login: pi, your password: raspberry

5. After login type: sudo nano /weather/weather.ini

6. Nano text editor is open now. Find LIVE tab and after SERVICES enter 'activeweather'. For other weather services like weatherunderground or openweathermap just type 'underground_rf' or 'openweathermap'. Now go to the bottom of the file.

7. Find ACTIVEWEATHER tab and after STATION type login you chose when registering and as a password your staion name.

8. As previously done for ActiveWeather type your login and password for other weather services if needed.

9. Press Ctrl+X to save the file (Y or T to approve depending on language) and type sudo reboot to restart Rapsberry. If your weather station is conected already you should see data after a while.


Forcasts and warnings from http://lowcyburz.pl/

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