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There are more than 40 000 weather stations over the world , professional and amateur. The combined data from the stations with the satellite images are used by meteorologists for years, to interpret the weather conditions and weather forecasting. A few years ago, not everyone could afford to buy the station, because the prices were too high. A lot of offers of many manufacturers and distributors have appeared on the market along with the development of the technology, like the ones for a few pounds that measure temperature, humidity and receive weather data from the Internet to professional ones from Davis , worth several thousand pounds. To monitor the weather in your place you just need a few basic stations with external sensors that measure wind speed and direction, pressure, temperature, humidity and produce mini weather forecast. Weather stations have a very wide range of applications such as agriculture , construction, tourism, etc
. The system ActiveWeather provides as well the possibility to monitor conditions in the house, such as temperature and humidity. Below you will find a few rules of installation and location of the station.

1. The station can be installed on the balcony with railing spaced at least one meter from the facade. The device cannot be installed directly on the facade.
2. A good place for the station is a garden with a safe place to install the device.
3. Place should be exposed to the wind, free space is required within 10 meters around the device.
4. The station can be installed only on the east , north and west side.
5. There should be a free space above the station, so that the balcony located above or trees do not obstruct rain gauge that may possibly be removed - a minimum of 30 cm - from the ceiling.
6. Temperature sensor , if there is a possibility should be put in the most shady spot and at least 2 m above the ground.


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