Step by Step

Step by Step

To connect to our system as an active user you need in the first place : the Raspberry Pi and Velleman WS1080 weather station (or other compatible station that you find the list in the bookmark " Supported stations " ) , a permanent Internet connection and SD memory card with a capacity of 4 GB. When you register on our website you will receive a link to the system image for the Raspberry Pi . By using win32discimager ( available on : ) we record the system image (file ISO) on the SD card (of course after unpacking the file ) . Install the external sensors of the station- detailed information on how to install you will find in the bookmark " The Weather Stations " – we check the operation of the station, whether all parameters are displayed on the station’s touch panel. If everything is OK , connect the panel with the USB cable to the Raspberry Pi, connect a LAN cable from the router to the Raspberry , insert the SD card with installed image of the system and connect the power. After about five minutes, the data should be displayed on the page / name of your station . From this point the data will be stored and displayed on your subpage . Charts of parameters and a blog where you can dispose the photos and your observations , is at your disposal . Your unique address of the page will allow you to share information with friends . Promote your site on our forum and create an active weather map.

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