Where to buy?

To help save a time them who are interested in joining our project, we would like to introduce the possibility of purchasing a weather station and the Raspberry Pi . For more information about these devices can be found in tabs: "Supported stations" and "Raspberry Pi".
The easiest way would be to make a purchase online . You will find a lot of listings on Allegro or eBay. Also some online stores selling of weather stations which are supported by our system. When considering the purchase of a weather station you should first pay attention for the price. The price of the same station ranges from 340 pln(€85)to 800 pln(€200). Regarding Raspberry (512 MB version) the price of device only is mostly the same and any differences arise mainly from the number and type of additional accessories. We recommend to buy Raspberry Pi with a cover , charger , Wi-Fi card and SD memory card (preferably a 4GB ).

For list of stores supporting ActiveWeather project see below.


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