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ActiveWeather is not another weather page. ActiveWeather is also an innovative system of data presentation from amateur weather stations and not only. The service has something for everyone. We offer to the weather station owners a simple and convenient way to join us and to contribute to co-create the site. After connecting the station to the system, you get access to current and historical meteorological data ( in the form of a graph of the conditions in your location ) , as well as temperature and humidity conditions at your home, which is very useful for the optimization of the heating system . Access to the site is possible from every place on the Earth. In addition, each user has access to its own mini- blog where you can post your observations and photos.

In the RADAR tab created by radareu.cz you will find actual pictures from weather radars across Europe , which will allow you to track moving rainfall zones.

The WIND tab is directed to water sports enthusiasts. You will check there the wind forecasts, wave heights , etc. We offer insights for 81 points in Poland - the main inland water tanks and numerous locations in the Baltic Sea. You can also add a new point ( spot ) to the list. If your station is located near to a water tank please contact us . Wind forecasts are generated by the service Windguru that we work closely with and we exchange information with each location in order to provide the most accurate predictions.

In the DISCHARGE tab you will find the current maps of lightings over Europe . We are active members of Blizorung project that brings together owners of lightning detectors around the world . That allows accurate detection of lightning and showing them on the map with high accuracy in the real time. For example when you hear thunder , you can be sure that you will find in the DISCHARGES section the exact spot where the lightning struck in your area and in which direction the storm is moving .

On the active weather map created by openweathermap.org we present the current conditions in more than 40 000 locations worldwide .

For our members we have a forum where you can ask questions about our service .On the site you will find information on the forecasts , the actions of our system and many other useful information for you .

In the ACTIVE STATIONS you can find a list of active stations working in our system. listę stacji aktywnie działających w naszym systemie.

Do not wait , join us and participate in the creation of active weather maps and make use of all opportunities of ActiveWeather !

The ActiveWeather team.


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